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7 April

  • Long Absence

    - Wow, quite a haieatus I took there. Lots of info broke while I was away. I may note events/giveaways that have passed in that time period. Then it'll be playing catch-up, including all the new game announcements.

6 February

  • Wifi Distribution

    - The special Mewtwo giveway announced recently has recieved an end date. The promotion will begin on Feb 12th and end on Feb 26th. So they've given us a short window to get this pokémon. Make sure to be ready and don't miss the brief opportunity to get this guy!

27 January

  • Wifi Distribution

    - A new wifi giveaway has been announced. Beginning February 12th a special Mewtwo will be available for download. This Mewtwo is just like the one given away in Japan last year. It comes at 70 and holds a King's Rock. The moves it has are Psystrike, Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, and a move it otherwise cannot learn - Electro Ball. So be sure to get to some wifi next month and pick up this great pokémon when it becomes available!

24 January

  • PGL Promotion

    - Last week a new Dream World ability pokémon became available. A Lucario with its hidden ability of Justified, and coming with its egg move Bullet Punch can be acquired from the Dream World with use of a special code. The thing is, this code only comes packaged with new copies of Black and White purchased from Target stores. Even worse, this seems to be a one-use code, so sharing it with others can't happen. And the Lucario only comes as a male. So if you feel like spending $35 on a Justified Lucario that can't breed its ability, make sure to get to Target and buy a new copy of Black or White...

18 January

  • I'm still here!

    - Been a very slow news time following a busy end of last year. Looks to remain that way until sometime next month if not longer, so updates will probably still be rather infrequent the rest of this month.

30 December

  • Victini Giveaway

    - Just a reminder that the movie Victini giveaway is ending tomorrow. So if you want your own copy of this pokémon with its signature move V-Create, as well as the signature moves of Reshiram and Zekrom, Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare, get on wifi and download it now!

24 December

  • Site Resource Update

    - I've updated my Dream World Checklist to include the level at which the pokémon acquired from the Dream World appear in the Entrée Forest, and the nature of the special moves they can come with. The updated list can be accessed on our Resources page.

18 December

  • TCG Changes

    - A big change is coming to the TCG. For the first time in a decade, a new type is being added! The new Dragon type will be coming with the release of the Dragon Selection set in Japan early next year. Not much word yet on how weakness and resistance will work for the new type, but most every Dragon pokémon will be included from the set, so fans of the type should be quite happy. Sadly, it may be the middle of next year before we get it here in the US, but I look forward to it all the same.
  • PGL Promotion

    - The special Dream World Mamoswine previously given away in Japan and Europe is now available to the US. This Mamoswine comes with the ability Thick Fat and will be distributed until February 16th, so there's plenty of time to get it if you're interested. Just enter the password POKEMONDOTCOM in the space provided under the Promotions tab to retrieve it.

8 December

  • PGL Promotion

    - The final Deerling C-Gear skin has been made available. From now until January 11th you can acquire the Winter Deerling skin for your game through the Promotions tab on the GBL site. Just enter the password B8XME69W to gain access to this skin. So if you're a fan of Deerling, or a completist that has to have the final form, get there in the next couple weeks to get yours.

5 December

  • Wifi Distribution

    - The special movie Victini distribution began over the weekend. This Victini, patterned after the one featured in the latest Pokémon movie, comes with it's signature move V-Create, as well as the signature moves of Reshiram and Zekrom, Fusion Flare and Fusion Bolt. The distribution is over wifi through Mystery Gift and will be lasting until December 31st, so don't wait around too long if you want to add this unique pokémon to your roster!

3 December

  • Site Update

    - Updated the Resources Page with my Dream World pokémon checklist.

1 December

  • Serebii Advent Calendar

    - It's that time of year. And with the beginning of December comes Serebii's annual Advent Calendar! Every day from now until Christmas a new puzzle, set of MSN icons, and Pokémon wallpaper will go up at So make sure to visit the site each of the next 25 days for these fun extras.
  • Victini Sweepstakes

    - There's just a couple days left until the Victini Sweepstakes ends, so make sure to get your entries in while you still can if you want a chance at the great prizes.

28 November

18 November

  • GBL Promotion

    - A special catalog set has become for available in the Dream World for US players. A winter catalog containing 3 new pieces of furniture can be made available through the Promotions tab with the password NPWINTER from now until March 1st. So next time your on the GBL site, just go enter that password if you want access to these limited-edition furnitures.
  • Dream World Expansion

    - Just a reminder that the Rugged Mountain area has gone live earlier this week. This new area has a new minigame along with it, and contains many new Dream World ability pokémon, including such notables as Bagon, Makuhita, and Croagunk. A list of all the pokémon available there, as well as their abilities can be found here.

14 November

  • Victini Sweepstakes

    - It's V for Victini in this month's daily entrance giveaway! Just like with Zoroark and Legendary Sweepstakes the last 2 months, you can enter daily to win TCG and Video Game prizes in weekly drawings. This month's weekly prize is a Victini plush and a new Victini tin, while the monthly prize also contains booster packs, Black and White, and a 3DS! Just go to the entry form and enter your email address each day from now until December 4th for your chance at these great prizes!

Mewtwo: The Genetic Pokémon

Mewtwo Returns

As part of the hype for the upcoming Next Destinies TCG expansion, a new wifi giveaway is taking place. In line with the new powerful Mewtwo-EX card, a special Mewtwo is being distributed to owners of Black and White. Beginning February 12th, players can download this Mewtwo, which comes at level 70, holding a King's Rock. It also knows the special move Electro Ball, which it cannot otherwise learn. This giveaway will only be up from Feb 12th until the 26th, so be careful not to miss this opportunity while it's there!

Pokémon Black

Pokémon Black and White

The 5th Generation of Pokémon is here! Released March 4th in Europe, and March 6th in the US, these games boast many upgrades and general changes from the current games. For the first time, the games' region, Unova (Isshu in the Japanese versions), is based off a real-world region that's not part of Japan. The trainer you command is no longer a 10-yr-old, but a teenager around the age of maybe 14. Graphical upgrades include increased 3D in the overworld, shown especially well by a video of the character walking through a big city. And the looks of the battle scene have been improved with greater fluidity and by giving the pokémon combatants 'breathing' type movements during idle periods. All in all these games look great, and I'm very much enjoying them!

Pokémon Black

Global Link

The Global Link

The Global Link is finally here! This great online tool/minigame for players has finally gone live! Once signed in to the Global Link you can access special skins for your in-game Pokédex and C-Gear, as well as special Dance Competition routines. You can view worldwide stats on how players are catching pokémon, using Pass Powers, hatching eggs, and other in-game activities. You can access the Global Battle Union to check your rankings in Random Battles and see how you stack up against other players around the world. And finally, there's the Dream World. Through the Dream World you can aquire new berries you can't get in-game, as well as growing more of them in berry patches, much like in the last 2 generations of video game. On the Island of Dreams within the Dream World you also get the chance to encounter and acquire pokémon with special abilities that they wouldn't normally have, such as Torchic with Speed Boost. And any berries and other items you collect there can be put up for trade with your friends when they visit your Dream World Home. With access to berries and pokémon with special abilities, and the future potential of the Global Battle Union, you definitely wanna check this out! Click the picture above to visit the site, and get started on this great player's tool.

Befriend a Pokémon

The Befriend a Pokémon Poll

From now until November 30th there's a poll up at where members of the Global Link can vote for any one non-Unova pokémon that they would like to be given away via the Dream World. If the pokémon chosen happens to have a Dream World ability, it will be given away with that ability! Previous iterations of this giveaway in Japan and Korea resulted in participants chosing Arceus and Rayquaza, respectively - two pokémon who do not have DW abilities... Here's hoping US, European, and Australian players vote smarter and get us something with a useful DW ability that we haven't had available to us before. Click the picture above to visit the news article. Or click here to go straight to the poll. The winner will be announced on December 13th, and distribution will begin February 1st.

Disclaimer: Pokémon is a registered trademark of Nintendo and Gamefreak and is in no way my property, intellectually or otherwise